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PostSubject: Member Deed   Member Deed EmptyMon Jan 04, 2010 8:54 pm

Hay, all I'm deed I founded world 16's branch of Excalibur. I beleave in a semi-ploitical aproch where we are all brothers at arms to help one another and to suport the war efferts of the other membes. My user names very from Deed to deed85 to deed, I will use more as needed. My real name is Les I'm 24 and work in IT, currently only as a customer support rep. I live in Victoria, BC. I will be willing to answer more, but am happy as is to work. If I ever quite or am taking a long brake my five star general will take over as master. If I'm voted out I will leave my five star in charge and go back for retraining.

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