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 Ec. Heroes.

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This was also written by another person, but contains very useful info.

Your hero has a bunch of nifty aspects about him, which I will try to explain a bit more here, since the game guide fluctuates immensely in how helpful it can be.

Color - Your hero will be black, green, blue, or purple.
Black is the most common, having 1 troop specialty, low starting stats (1-6), and only 70 energy.
Green is semi-common, having 2 troop specialties, medium starting stats (2-7), and 80 energy.
Blue is semi-rare, having 3 troop specialties, decent starting stats (5-9), and 90 energy.
Purple is extremely rare, having 3 troop specialties, high starting stats (7-10), and 120 energy.

HP - This is how lively your hero is. If this hits 0, your hero must be brought back via the Hospital, which costs resource + gold. Every hour, a % of the hero's HP is restored if he is in idle status (shown by a man with ZZZ over his head) at your town. % of HP restored depends on Hospital level.

Energy - This is used to go on Heroic Quests, Adventure quests, or to initiate Arena battles. It can be restored with Energy Drinks or by waiting until 0:00 server time. There is no way to increase it.

Hero Exp - Gained via quests, items, combat, or being mayor, this determines your hero's level.

Hero Level - This determines what equipment your hero can use, increases stats, influences the quests available, the arena category, and how many troops you can use.

Troop Specialty - Troop types shown here will get a decent boost to their power when led by this hero.

Scroll Slots A, B, C - Unlock these with Knowledge Rune (A.), Wise Rune (B.), and Intelligent Rune (C.). You can then place a scroll in the slot, with higher War Level being required for the better scrolls. Once placed, a scroll can not be removed, only destroyed to make room for a new one.

War Exp - How much combat experience your hero has. This influences the Glory ranking, as well as the War Level of the hero. This is boosted by items, certain quests, and killing everything you find.

War Level - Based on War Exp. Each War Level grants you 4 skill points, and higher War Level allows better scrolls to be equipped.

Skills - War, Contest, Politic sub-tabs, these will help your hero out in the appropriate situations. Try to specialize each hero in a single tab, don't have a jack-of-all-trades over multiple tabs.

--Helm, Gloves, Armor, Weapon, Gaiter (Pants), Boots, Mount
Mounts are only acquirable through the fortune wheels or special EC events, all the other gear is found in chests, wheels, as loot, and from the Store. Higher level gear requires a higher level store. Equip Helm, Gloves, Armor, Gaiter, and Boots of the same store-bought type for a Suit Bonus, but the animal suits from the Arena rewards do not have a suit bonus.

STR - Affects Atk, DMG, Train
DEF - Affects Armor, DEF, Defend
AGI - Affects Speed, EVD, Build
DEX - Affects Tactic, Crit, Prod

Aptitudes - The higher the Aptitude, the more increase in stats the hero gains every Hero Level.

War tab:
ATK - Increases the attack of your troops
Armor - Increases the defense of your troops
Speed - Increases the likelihood of your troop slots attacking first
Tactic - Increases the use + effectiveness of the War tab skills

Contest tab:
DMG - Increases the damage done per attack
DEF - Reduces the damage taken per attack
EVD - Increases the chance of taking 0 damage from an attack
Crit - Increases the chance of causing double damage

Political tab:
Train - Decreases the time required to train soldiers.
Defend - Increases the defensive bonus of the city when attacked
Build - Decreases the time required to build buildings
Prod - Increases the hourly gain of resources
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Ec. Heroes.
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