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 another target

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PostSubject: another target   Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:28 am

You sent spies to Valla(379|443). Results:
Total Soldiers: 3883
Heroes: 2
Available branches: Dwarf Spearman,Dwarf Duelist,Defender,Destroyer,Sniper
Iron:274071 Stone:505927 Wood:474451 Food:300600
Walls level:15. Endurance:450
Guard towers Level:12
Hero Gordon is lv 29 and commands 1 5 in Dwarf Spearman level,408 5 in Dwarf Duelist level,367 2 in Sniper level,124 2 in Defender level,120 2 in Destroyer level;
Hero Carr is lv 21 and commands 1 5 in Dwarf Spearman level,210 2 in Destroyer level,1 5 in Dwarf Spearman level,312 4 in Destroyer level,9 5 in Dwarf Duelist level;
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another target
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