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 Sukoi's cities

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PostSubject: Sukoi's cities   Sat May 01, 2010 11:25 am

Aldrei(298|316) has many guards and your spies only could give a general report before they were caught.
The report is:
Total Soldiers: Countless
Heroes: 7
Soldier branches: Orcish Slurbow,Fenrir Rider,Direwolf Rider
Iron:884221 Stone:953459 Wood:909990 Food:31781
Walls level:25. Endurance:750
Guard towers Level:25
Hero Anna is lv 51.
Hero Liz is lv 33.
Hero Beryl is lv 28.
Hero Ada is lv 31.
Hero Doreen is lv 32.
Hero Bernice is lv 34.
Hero Colby is lv 29。

You sent spies to Senfir(299|316). Results:
Total Soldiers: 1112
Heroes: 1
Available branches: Fenrir Rider,Orcish Slurbow
Iron:275745 Stone:571369 Wood:494477 Food:669519
Walls level:3. Endurance:90
Guard towers Level:3
Hero Hale is lv 36 and commands no soldier.

You sent spies to Rukgei(298|315). Results:
Total Soldiers: 2125
Heroes: 1
Available branches: Fenrir Rider,Orcish Slurbow
Iron:272228 Stone:560007 Wood:510045 Food:668367
Walls level:2. Endurance:60
Guard towers Level:2
Hero Cleveland is lv 38 and commands no soldier.

You sent spies to Final(297|315). Results:
Total Soldiers: 1603
Heroes: 1
Available branches: Fenrir Rider,Orcish Grunt,Orcish Slurbow
Iron:530395 Stone:684819 Wood:676930 Food:953620
Walls level:0. Endurance:0
Guard towers Level:0
Hero Chisel is lv 47 and commands no soldier.
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Sukoi's cities
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