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 The Titans I have pissed off

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The Titans I have pissed off Empty
PostSubject: The Titans I have pissed off   The Titans I have pissed off EmptyWed May 19, 2010 3:05 pm

FYI to all I've done something unlike myself witch might have pissed of Titans. I decided to enact my rule about wild mines, and I saw that the they left the the Magic Crystle mine Ungaurded so I figured I was close, and because of some of their members have no love for them no hate eather though I would take the mine. Plus The fact I attacked two of XtermN8R cities in one day, and once I've recouvered will attack the second city again, plus I stole his mine, I should say stole it again I did that once before just becaus I could. I will be expecting the whole of his Union to get invoulved this is my fight, but I though I would put out an alert. Those who don't want to be involed just need to be aware of this.

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The Titans I have pissed off
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