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 Surviving when you're inactive

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Surviving when you're inactive Empty
PostSubject: Surviving when you're inactive   Surviving when you're inactive EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 10:01 am

1- dont tell no one your leaving except Dragonslayer or a vice master.

2- Fill all your shelter

3- Place the heroes you want to level-up in the town house.

4- fill all remaining heros with troops. they must be full so that no troops are left behind if possible.

5-go fight in Pagoda with each heroes at a level they cannot win. That way all your heroes will be at 1hp left.

6-send all your 1hp heroes filled with troops to attack a devil, merman or harpy. that way your hero will die but all the troops attached to him will be saved. ( you will keep 95% + )

7- now your heroes filled with troops are at the hospital. your account is ready to be idle for a couple of days, at your return... simply cure all your heroes and youll get all your troops back.

*** there is a glitch in the spy reports your ennemies will get : they will see your heroes and your troops as if they were alive so expect to be attacked a couple of time, if they become suspicious, just say that you dodge all the attacks until their brain cracks-up.

**** the only danger about this strategy is that your cities can become invaded. in this case your heroes will go away but you can recall them in the exile tab.

this guide will be on the forum so reply there if you have any concerns.
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Surviving when you're inactive
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