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 Invading Guide

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PostSubject: Invading Guide   Invading Guide EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 7:22 pm

Here is how invasion works to the T.

If you are invading same race:
You lose a pop of 60-80 once taken. DON'T use ballistas if you are keeping.

If you are invading different race:
All buildings go to 0 with exception of those types of buildings that deal with production.
Production can never be decreased only increased

You must invade each city no more then 5 times an hour. That means when one falls off past the hour you can hit it again. It is not in the 1:00 hour but one full rolling hour.

Next, if you are going to do it between different days server time, they receive 5% occupy plus what they get from statue. For each lvl of statue they gain +.5% occupy at 00.00 each night.

You must keep track either using your mail that you receive for the attacks or a pen stroke for each attack and at what time you hit the city.

With all of the above info, you should have no problem taking new cities.
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Invading Guide
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