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 Sub Cities

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You can check the commercial value in [Lord] by clicking the button on the right side of the game interface or clicking the button [Tool] →[Lord's Info.]

As the commercial value reaches a certain amount, you'll get the privilege to establish up to 5 new cities.

The commercial value does not indicate the value of a certain city.

All cities of the lord share a commercial value which is an accumulated number without consuming any resource.

Population can be increased by constructing and upgrading buildings, raising commercial value accordingly.

The commercial value is calculated from 0:00 am everyday.

As time would be required for making the latest commercial value's statistics.

If your commercial value have not been upgraded at 0:00 am, please wait for a moment.

Commercial Value of Today= Construction Population of All Cities of Lord's at 0:00+ The Commercial Value of the Day before Yesterday

Commerce points increase by the amount of your population after the clock reset each day. The placement of subs is a matter of personal preference and each layout has benefits and drawbacks. I will go over them here in another posting. Here I will discuss some options.

Some players choose not to permanently establish all their subs. The most fearsome of players are not those with the highest population, but those willing to spend time stealing subs from other players. To do so, the player must always have the ability to build a new sub city based on their commerce points. When a suitable sub city is located, the player must "Invade" it. This is a time consuming process, but the rewards can be enormous. If it is of the same race as the player then the sub remains intact. If it is of another race, all buildings except the warehouse, granary, and resources are reduced to Level 0. This is monumentally crippling to the enemy in times of war as it cuts off their resources and troops and possibly even their heroes. If a hero dies while still in the city they cannot be reclaimed, only dismissed. These movable sub options are for hardcore players willing to dedicate their time and completely demoralize their enemy.

Other players will establish territories based on their preferences. Those will be described in the "Sub-city Placement" post.

Commercial Value Needed to Establish Sub Cities

Sub City Num.
Needed Commercial Value
1 4200
2 10000
3 19000
4 32800
5 53000
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Sub Cities
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