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 Devil Troop Guide

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PostSubject: Devil Troop Guide   Devil Troop Guide EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 7:25 pm

This is a chart I found in the forums showing what type of troops a certain devil uses. I did not check it's accuracy but thought it would help.

Type Name
Wavewalker = swords man
I use heavy cavalry, sword dancers, and horse archers

  Tidecaller =bowman
I use long bowman , light cavalry, heavy cavalry

  Seastrider = pikeman
I use long bowmans, swordancers

  Leviathan = Sword dancers
I use heavy cavalry and horse archer

Wingless = swords man

  Skyclaw = bowman
  Wind Hunter = Pikeman

  Skywalker = Swordancers

Demons Slave = swordsman

  Spellsword = Sheildman ??

  Arcane Channeller = bowman

  Slave Master = pike man
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Devil Troop Guide
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