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 Hero Guide

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PostSubject: Hero Guide   Hero Guide EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 7:30 pm

Hey all, this is my very own guide to heroes. I hope it helps!

Your hero is the most important aspect of your army. Your hero decides who wins any given battle. Your hero can decide everything from army size to strength to defense to arena. This guide should help you learn how to use a hero effectively


This is the first step in creating an army. This first step is vital to both early-game and ate game battles. The wrong decision here could cost you your whole game later.


The order of colors from weakest to strongest goes like this: Black, Green, Blue, Purple.

Therefore purple is the strongest, followed by blue, then green, then black.

These are the stats of each color:

* Black: weak hero, weak stats, only 1 specialty (refer to specialties later in the guide)

* Green: Average stats, 2 specialties

* Blue: High stats, 3 specialties

* Purple: EXTREME stats, 3 specialties

The color of the hero (no racism intended) is shown at the hero's name


Hero: Clyde (the color of the writing is green) Level 17

This hero is therefore a green hero.

1.2) Tavern

Your tavern is where you recruit heroes.

If you haven't noticed already, you only start with 1 hero to pick from. Each time you upgrade your tavern, you another hero becomes available.

Here's a guide to tavern upgrade bonuses:

* Level 1- 2 hero to choose from, maximum 1 heroes

* Level 2- 3 heroes to choose from, maximum 2 heroes

* Level 3- 3 heroes to choose from

* Level 4- 4 heroes to choose from


* Level 6- 5 heroes to choose from

* Level 7- 5 heroes to choose from

* Level 8- 6 heroes to choose from

* Level 9- 7 heroes to choose from


The levels that are shown in capitols are the most important, as they increase the maximum amount of heroes you can have. Just a tip, in your sub-cities, you can only have a max of 3 heroes. This means that the level 10 upgrade only increases the amount of heroes you can choose from.

IMPORTANT: 4 heroes to choose from does NOT mean that you can have 4 heroes. At level 4, you can only have a max of 2 heroes.

You might or might not have noticed that most (or probably all) of the heroes that are shown are black heroes. You can tell what color they are by looking at the name: the color that the name is, the color that hero is.

Black heroes suffer greatly compared to purple, blue and sometimes green heroes. You really don't want one unless

* a) you need a hero just for raiding

* b) that hero has a specialty that you REALLY need or

* c) you're completely out of diamonds (i'll explain this later)

So, you might be thinking, how do I get a better color hero?

Well, this is where diamonds come in. Using diamonds for this is THE BEST use for them. Trust me, its worth it.

When you click on the tavern, you might see a 'recruit I', recruit II and recruit III.

* Recruit I requires only 5 diamonds, but yields minimal benefits

* Recruit II requires 15 diamonds, and turns out many green heroes, and if you're lucky, a blue hero.

* Recruit III is the big daddy. It costs 60 diamonds. Yes, 60. However, it has a high chance of getting green heroes, a medium chance of getting blue heroes and a slight (very slight) chance of getting a purple hero.

I use recruit II. This (in my opinion) provides a balance between cost and reward. I only use recruit when my tavern is level 7+. This gives me a good chance to get a blue hero of my own race, or maybe 2 greens.

Remember, you should keep some diamonds for your other cities, as if you want a good hero for that city, you need diamonds also!

TIP: Only use recruit III if:

* a) you actually buy diamonds or

* b) you've thoroughly developed your city, and need a strong 4th hero. To use it, i HIGHLY recommend your tavern be on level 10, as the more options possible, the more likely it is that you get a strong hero.

1.3) Specialties

You may have noticed the pictures of units next to your heroes, and next to the heroes in the tavern. They are what that particular hero specializes in. This is why you should (unless in special circumstances) always pick a hero of your own race.

It's easier to explain with an example.

Hero: Clyde

Race: Human

Specialties: Pikeman, Longbowman, Heavy Cavalry.

(only blue heroes have 3 specialties, other colors have different amount, please refer to 1.1)

This means if you put pikeman, longbowmen or Heavy Cavalry in his army (as in HIS slots) they get a speed and hp bonus. Only the units that your hero will get a bonus.

Specialties are very important, and you should (if you have the economy) base your army around these.

Try to pick heroes that have late-game specialties, such as longbowmen, slurbowmen, horse archers, destroyers etc. You don't want to be rocking up to a fight with only grunts just because your hero specializes in them.

If necessary, you can refresh a hero's specialties. This costs 25 diamonds. It doesn't change the hero's level or stats, it just changes what his specialties are. I recommend only using this feature if you have a blue or purple hero that has very bad specialties.


Ok, moving on to tactics.


There are two ways to place your troops, one for fighting devil units, the other for fighting actual players. These will be explained later.

2.2) Fighting devil units

As most of you know, the further away a devil army is, the stronger it is. Therefore the further it is, the more experience and reward you gain, but the more troops and valuable time you lose.

So, how to place your troops against devil units and what hero to use?

I recommend using your HIGHEST COLOR HERO, not your strongest. This doesn't apply if you are at war (like we are now!). If you have a low-level hero that you just recruited, raid all the devil armies within 1 hour 30 minutes. This should give you plenty of exp without losing too many units.

Placing your troops against devil units is simple, just spread them out as evenly as possible. If you have a choice, leave the strong units in the units that are fighting wars.

IMPORTANT: Most people don't know this, but how far a devil unit is from you're base doesn't actually decide how powerful it is. The deciding factor is HOW LONG IT TAKES FOR YOUR TROOPS TO GET THERE. Therefore, putting a small group of small units (tier 2 infantry works the best) can dramatically increase exp gained (but also increases risk)


Fighting other players is the main point of this game. Don't mind the people who bitch and moan every time you raid them. Keep going and ground them under your feet.

Heroes are extremely important in Player-to-Player battles. They decide the maximum number of troops, how fast they move, how strong they are. The higher eve a hero, the more bonus your troops get. At extremely high levels, your troops can gain more than 50% extra defense and attack, just from your hero.

Attacking other players also can give you the most experience. Personally, I'm always on the lookout for enemy cities that have more pop than mine for the extra exp.


Troop placement for enemy players is the opposite of attack devil armies. Fill up 2 of the slots with the recommended number of troops, put 1 unit in 2 other slots, and the maximum number of remaining troops in the last slot. You should always ensure that you can fit at least 80% of your army under your heroes.

When attacking someone of similar population you haven't attacked before, and your spy either can't see anything or gives very sketchy details, check their glory. If it's similar or lower than yours, SEND ALL 3 HEROES. ATTACK THEM WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT. The risks are usually worth the rewards.

However, sometimes, a more subtle strategy works. There are 2 strategies I find to be very effective:

* a) attack the wild mine furthest away from their main base. Ditch one of yours, and take it over. As always, make sure you spy before you attack. Use light cavalry (tier one cavalry) if possible. Then, when he attacks it, SEND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AT HIS BASE. It works, believe me

* b) This is a very risky tactic, and should only be used in circumstances where there are high rewards at stake (etc. You have 2,000 troops, and the enemy has twice as much glory as you). Send your weakest hero. Preferably from your sub-city, with 1 unit. When your hero gets there, you read the battle report, and you can find out the exact composition of his army!

2.4) Heroic Sagas

Heroic sagas can be found under Quests.

They are (relatively) short quests that require no input from the player. They require te hero do to different things, and can yield very valuable prizes. However, as a source of exp they are very bad. I recommend that once your hero gets to level 18, start using him for heroic sagas.


3.1) Reviving your hero

If your hero 'dies' in battle, you can revive him using a hospital. This costs a small amount of resource and gold. How much depends on what level he is: the higher the level, the more it costs to revive him.

The hospital also heals your hero passively, meaning that the hero automatically heals, wherever he is.

3.2) Arena

The arena is a great place to get some items and test out just how strong your hero really is. Make sure that you equip your HIGHEST STAT hero with all your strongest items. This can make a big difference on your performance.

3,3) Injury barrack

Your injury barrack is extremely important. Depending on the level of the injury barrack, a certain percentage of your dead troops will appears there.You can then use some gold to cure them. This is well worth the gold.

So, this is my guide! If you want, I'll write up some more, but I'm really busy atm

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Hero Guide
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