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Low on gold? Need some new equipment? Well, then you need to go to Catilier and do the contest pagodas. They can take can take care of both of those problems. The harder a challenge is in the pagodas, the more gold you will get for that battle. The easier, the less gold. Either way, gold is gold and you can use it to revive those injured troops/heroes you got in your barracks. Also, you can buy new equipment with that gold, but another way to get equipment (blue equipment) is to finish all the floors of a pagoda.

There are five (5) pagodas, they are:
Tower of Fighter - 10 floors - Trainee
Tower of Warrior - 20 floors - Leather
Tower of Gladiator - 35 floors - Chain
Tower of Champion - 20 floors - Fury
Tower of Eternity - 15 floors - Guard
Overall Reward - Knight

As you can see each tower gives out different equipment, and it can be strenuous task defeating each floor and may take some time, but will be well worth it. Especially for the overall reward (which is claimed by clicking the button "Reward" in between "Direction" and "Rank") you get for beating all floors of each tower. There is a trick to getting each piece of an equipment set as well.

It doesn't matter what day you complete a tower, but the day you accept the reward will decide what piece you get. For the five (5) pieces each set has, there is a weekday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). The reward you obtain will be based on what day you accept the reward.
Example: Monday - Knight Gloves
Tuesday - Knight Greaves
Wednesday - Knight Chestguard
Thursday - Knight Cuisses
Friday - Knight Helmet
*note that each players daily rewards will be different from another player's*

The rewards for the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are random. One saturday you may get a glove, the next a helmet. Be sure to always accept the rewards during the weekdays, and make a chart on what rewards you get on what days so you can be sure to always accept on a different day each week, this may take a while to obtain full sets, but it's easy once you start to do it.
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Animus - Pagoda
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