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 Animus - Troop Arrangements

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Animus - Troop Arrangements Empty
PostSubject: Animus - Troop Arrangements   Animus - Troop Arrangements EmptyFri Oct 15, 2010 7:55 pm

Terms: Full (clicking max for two boxes), Half (max in a third box, half of full)

The Noob/Boob/Moron--Bad idea formation utilized by new players and future farms

Full/ Full/ Half/ 0/ 0

Reason it's bad-- Empty boxes give attack bonus to troops that enemy has in those boxes. Troops shift to next box of yours that has troops and attacks those, putting 2 units against your one.

The Noob Killer/Hardened Vet

1/ 1/ half/ full/ full-- OR --1/ 1/ full/half/ full-- OR --1/ 1/ full/ full/ half

Reason it's good--By filling just one troop in the first box, you will lose those troops but preoccupy your opponents first two boxes while your last two boxes shift and attack them. The opponents troops have reduced defense against those units and will suffer heavy losses if not eliminated. Troop counts and strengths will play a role. If using the second and third suggestion, the middle box is more likely to be eliminated in the first round and the battle will last fewer rounds as a result. You will suffer less losses in this formation and even if you lose the enemy will suffer higher losses.

The Scroll/ Power Bastard

1/ full/ full/ half/ 1-- or any variation with just one troop in front and back

Reason it works--This formation is commonly used in conjunction with troop specialties and scroll boosts. The scrolls grant additional power to units in the middle 3 boxes. The troops in those boxes have higher speed and attack with the scrolls. This formation can be dominant compared to the others, with those factors in place.

Scroll Defender

Full/ 1/ 1/ full/ half-- or any variation of the boxes that match a full box to the half box of the enemy and 1 troop against his full boxes

What it does: This formation will eliminate 3 boxes of the enemy troops, depending on boosts, troop type, and troop count. If it succeeds in the first round the levels the playing field by adjusting your filled boxes compared to the enemy 3::2.
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Animus - Troop Arrangements
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