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 Animus - Sub-City Placement

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Animus - Sub-City Placement Empty
PostSubject: Animus - Sub-City Placement   Animus - Sub-City Placement EmptyFri Oct 15, 2010 7:58 pm

**Cluster Method: Building subs directly next to each other and the Main


1) Allows the subs to feed resources and troops to the main in mere seconds

2) When under attack at any location, all possessions can be quickly moved to other cities to prevent losses.

3) High Market and Post House levels are not required


1) Limits farming abilities and all cities must feed off the same cities farmed

2) More difficult to acquire wild mines

3) Small territory

4) If a sub is taken by the enemy then all other cities may become their farms--putting the player at great risk

**Territory Manager method: Placing subs roughly 30-60 minutes travel time away from each other


1) Great for military powers as it allows you to conquer a large territory for yourself

2) More farming and devil killing opportunities

3) Less enemies to deal with once the local players around each sub are destroyed

4) Higher chances of each sub having it's own wild mines


1) Takes longer to move troops and resources to other cities

2) Each city must have it's own standing army and an even distribution of heroes

3) Subs must be place far enough away near decent farm cities that are not feeding your main or the sub will fail in the long run

**Sprawled Method: Placing subs extremely far apart in different areas of the map


1) Gives war loving players vast areas to cover for killing enemy players

2) During war subs with high level post houses become staging grounds for large scale attacks

3) Each sub will have its own small territory, resources, and army


1) Nearly impossible to aid other subs and main

2) Most difficult to defend from invasions and raids

3) Heroes must be evenly distributed

4) High level Market and Post House are required for success

5) Poorly established or small territories for each sub and area may be dominated by another player
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Animus - Sub-City Placement
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